A Schmankerl melts in your mouth and flatters your soul. It can be a delicacy to eat, but also poetry in words, images or sounds. We are affected, charmed and enchanted, we want to immerse ourselves into it and be delighted.

Delicate key visual by Gutless Wonder.


We collect Schmankerl – please send your contribution!
To us, it can be a culinary delight, as well as eye candy or a feast for your ears. Send a picture, text, video, sound, or whatever else can be attached to an email! email hidden; JavaScript is required


Teaming up with Laura & Maria, we immersed ourselves into proverbial delicacies in spring 2018. Find some impressions here.


Entirely in line with our theme we savored the finest food with Beat Thomi at La Tavola Pronta. Thank you, it was a true feast for the senses!


We worked with felt in autumn 2017 – felt good.