Mut & Trost

Our first theme was all about Mut & Trost (comfort & courage). The basis for our project was a handcrafted writing, surrounded by a few of our comforters and encouragers… then we invited others to contribute to the collection.


We asked ourselves and others: “What makes me feel good? What consoles me? Whom do I want to comfort?“ and “What encourages me? What do I need courage for? Who is courageous?” and collected pictures, texts, animations, videos, sounds, or whatever else could be attached to an email.


Forest dialogues – The disappearance of words
Mara Perrez, Myriam Casanova, Sabine Graeser & Johannes Harth told everyday stories in the forest. Forest dialogues took place at three locations in the forests of Krauchthal and Bäriswil on sunday, june 7th, 2015.


Our workshop inspires and opens up new possibilities. In our first edition we sewed quails.


The Tinkertable offers room to meet, exchange ideas and handcraft. For our first theme focussed project we combined the Tinkertable with the Workshop.