Trösterei was initiated by Sabine Graeser & Syl Hillier in 2014 and arose from the need to communicate, to meet people beyond virtual spaces, to experience life together, to question everyday situations, to discover new things and to be inspired! We create room for communication and work theme-focussed. Each theme consists of four components: A collection invites people to contribute to a theme and builds a basis for discussion. A workshop inspires and opens up new possibilities. An event provides the possibility to meet others in dialogue. Our regular’s table offers room to meet, exchange ideas and handcraft.

Trösterei Sabine Graeser & Syl Hillier
Brückfeldstrasse 21 | CH-3012 Bern

Sabine Graeser


Adult educationer and media professional. When she’s not riding through untamed woods, she loves baking cakes at her domestic stove.

Syl Hillier


Designer and Illustrator. When she’s not drawing, sewing, cooking or eating, she’s roaming meadows and forests with her son, cat and dog.